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Rayn is an international design, marketing, and consulting agency specializing in taking businesses from ordinary to elite.


Complimentary Discovery Consult

During our consultation, Rayn Design & Marketing Studio will explore your specific design and marketing needs, offering personalized advice on the best services for your business. This valuable consultation comes at no cost to you.


Lead Designer
and Founder

Hi, I am Joanna.


I began my design journey while completing my undergrad in Finance 6 years ago. Now, I am the proud owner of Rayn  Design & Marketing Studio, operating in multiple Canadian cities.

Our clients are important to me. I have had the honour to work with with businesses across Canada, Europe and the United States. My experience in e-commerce has taught me how to scale a small business to the six figure mark, and market online. My passions go further than simply designing; my team and I go above and beyond to ensure our clients businesses are setup for success and that they get the most out of their investment.

I truly believe in never limiting yourself and your business. The market is filled with endless opportunity.


Logo and

A perfect place to start. Whether it's a re-brand or the beginning of your business journey, we strategically elevate the look & feel of your brand.

Marketing Campaign
and Consult

New collection or product line? We're here to help you run a successful campaign. From photography to advertising, let us take over and be your personal marketing consultants.

Social Media Marketing

More than an online presence. It's the age of socials, we'll keep up so you don't have to. We create video and photo campaigns while keeping your audience up-to-date.

Web Design
and Development

Whether it's a website redesign or brand new domain, we'll seamlessly create and develop a high-quality website for your business that's mobile friendly and lead-capturing.

What clients are saying — 

"Rayn literally completely transformed our brand. We knew we needed a new look but had no idea where to begin. Thank you so much, I would recommend Rayn to any business. They seriously know what they're doing!"  

"You NAILED it. I love everything, thank you so much. Everything turned out exactly how I wanted. I can't wait to post all these!! You met the exact vision I had in mind." 

"My website for my online shop is so well done. We've been in the power sport industry for 20 years and this website is well overdue. I finally feel like we've got a site to match our products. She added lots of custom renderings which look spectacular. Would recommend any day and will continue to use your services."

"Totally recommend! You have been such a pleasure to work with. I can really feel our social media transform and our sales increase!! Couldn't be happier."

Raw Client Reactions & Testimonials — 
Our design work
speaks for itself—

What personalities do you want your brand to portray—elegant, bold, energetic, playful, luxurious? Let's capture it.

Clients Seen In — 
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Strategic solutions for your business success with our marketing, design, and consulting excellence.

Consulting Case Studies
Adding business value, today and tomorrow
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